For English Speakers

Do you or your child have a toothache?Please do not hesitate to consult with us with any concerns you may have! Please contact us at 03-5114-0118(Office Hours 9:30~19:30)※Closed on Sundays and National Holidays

English speaking staff are here to serve you

Do you feel comfortable getting medical treatment and dental care in Japan? Japan is becoming more international, with increasing numbers of foreign residents. However, we often hear concerns from foreigners in Japan, that they are hesitant to get medical treatment due to communication problems from Doctors, who tend to use a lot of medical-jargon. As a clinic that resides in the heart of Tokyo, we would like to support our foreign residents. Our English speaking staff is happy to welcome you and offer consultation for all your dental care needs.

Our Concept


1) We value your thoughts and opinion ? Counseling Session

Counseling is an important process in receiving effective treatment at our clinic. We would like to hear and understand your worries and requests and we strive to understand your own perspective and unique needs. We are more than happy to explain until you feel completely satisfied and comfortable to proceed with the treatment.

2)Total Support

When we “treat” your oral health, we do not only focus on one tooth ?we treat your whole mouth. When dealing with oral disease, we understand the importance of prevention, as well.

3)High-end sterilization to prevent infection

We are fully equipped with high-end sterilization such as Autoclave and DAC Universal, all of which have passed strict medical standards.

4)Treatment appropriate for each patient

We customize your treatment plan and fully explain the total cost before commencing a course of treatment.

5)Motivation is the key! ? Staff who are fully and constantly trained

We continue to educate and train our staff to heighten motivation, so that we can fully understand our patients’ needs and feelings. We are proud to offer both an English speaking environment and staff certified in Early Childhood Development to comfort both you and your children.

Treatments and Services

◎General Dentistry
Cavity treatment
◎Periodontal Disease Treatment
Gum disease treatment and preventive treatment.
◎Cosmetic Dentistry
For those who wish to improve tooth shape and color. Ceramic is used to beautify your smile.
Do you want white, flawless teeth?
Whitening is popular among many, and our whitening course is well known and respected in the market.
◎Orthodontic Dentistry
Not only does proper tooth alignment make your smile more attractive, but it can also prevent other health issues.
◎Dental Implants
A titanium artificial tooth root is affixed to the jaw bone where a tooth is missing. An artificial tooth is then implanted to regain its original function.
◎Pediatric Dentistry
We create and environment to make children to feel as comfortable as possible.
We offer cavity treatment for children, cavity preventive treatment, and orthodontics for children.
◎Dental Surgery
Wisdom tooth extraction and other surgeries.

Clinic Profile

Name キーデンタルクリニック/KEY DENTAL CLINIC
Address 〒107-0052
Yashima Boeki Building 2F
3-9-1, Akasaka Minato-ku, Tokyo
Telephone Number 03-5114-0118

~By Train~
Tokyo Metro
【Akasaka Mitsuke Station】Ginza line/Marunouchi line 
1 minute walk from Akasaka 3-chome Exit A or BelleVie Akasaka Exit

【Nagatacho Station】Namboku Line/Yurakucho Line/Hanzomon Line
3 minute walk from Exit 8

~By Car~
Please use parking tolls nearby.
  • Akasaka Public parking toll
  • AIU Akasaka building parking toll
  • Belle Vie Akasaka parking toll

35.677499, 139.736266


Yashima Boeki Building 2F
3-9-1, Akasaka Minato-ku, Tokyo

35.677499, 139.736266

We are located in front of Akasaka Mitsuke Police station, on the second floor of Daily Store.

Clinic  Introduction

Please do not hesitate to speak English to the receptionist.
◎Treatment space
We protect your privacy by having partitions set with each dental chair. We hope this peaceful white room will make you feel more relaxed.
◎Counseling room
This private space is perfect for discussing any dental concerns or questions you have. Please do not hesitate to talk to us about anything in this room.
◎X-ray room
We are furnished with an environmentally friendly digital x-ray that displays all images directly to the computer. Sophisticated data can be obtained through this dental CT.
◎Operation room
Feel relaxed in a fully equipped, clean and private operation room.

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